Press Release

The Media Fund Super Pac is organized to assist the general public in giving them knowledge about voter registration, voter education and the get out the vote initiative. The Independent Media Fund Expenditure Committee ensures that the public is knowledgeable of the voting process, the people who are on the ballots, and that old, new, and potential voters are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

We are a Non-Partisan Media Fund Super Pac Expenditure Committee, you can make a contribution and our Independent Expenditure Committee will gladly allot your contribution to the candidate or issue of your choice.

For questions and answers contact our Media Representative Officer or, e-mail us at; Donate to our cause today by helping us fund our advertising campaigns to increase voter awareness. Mail your donations/contributions to: Independent Media Fund Expenditure Committee 17325 Euclid Ave Cleavland, Ohio 44112; our web address is All major credit cards, individual certified checks and money orders are accepted.

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

Media Fund Super Pac
Charles Huffman, Treasurer

Chandler Park Building
17325 Euclid Ave Suite 4009
Cleveland, OH 44112

Phone: 216-486-5930

Fax: 216-295-0976