Voter Education & Awareness from Cleveland, Ohio

Support the Media Fund Super Pac, based in Beachwood, Ohio, promoting voter education and awareness throughout the country. The more people we get to vote, the more our political decisions will reflect the true majority in America.

Promoting Voter Registration

Through our media campaign, we encourage people of all ages to register to vote in both primary and general elections. By making people aware of their voting rights and requirements for registration, we hope to increase the total number of voters who come out to the polls.

Providing Voter Education

Through a variety of media outlets, including, newspapers, radio, billboards, television, and the Internet, we will provide publically accessible information on voting rights and registration. Events and workshops will also be held to promote voter education and awareness.

Voting for Registered Voters

Once we have encouraged people to register to vote, we will campaign for them to actually go out and vote on election day. By informing citizens of voting dates and locations, we help them prepare to exercise their ability to vote.

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